Removable pool fence


T6 marine grade aluminum. with stainless steel pin in 304 stainless steel and PVC reducer bushing.
Available in BLACK, GREEN, BROWN, GREY and BEIGE or in a silver colored MILL FINISH

48", 54" and 60"


Interlocking available in Black, Grey or Brown

Type 304 stainless steel colour matched in a Teflon type to the Pole colour.

High Density Polyethylene.

Manufactured from 304 stainless steel with optional Teflon type coating in black.

Solid brass with a solid brass shackle with master key

Premier Pool Fence

Why Is This The Strongest Pool Safety Fence In The World?

The Guardian Premier pool fence is the newest and strongest pool fence system yet. It has been in production since 2002. There is also the option of the custom designed pet mesh.

The major difference against other manufacturers is in the pole design. Strength tests for this pole has shown it to withstand every imaginable assault have thrown at it! The premier pool fence poles are literately unbreakable.

Instead of taking our word for it we recommend that you watch the full version of the strength test video. This way you can see how our product compares to everything else out there on the market.

Stongest Pool Fence

Removable Pool Fencing

The Guardian Pool Fence is a completely removable (or permanent) system designed to meet parent’s needs for the safety of their children, yet also is aesthetically pleasing at the same time. This system was designed to be taken down for special occasions or when it is no longer needed. Even though this is a removable fence, it is recommended that the fence stay up year round as long as there are children on or near the property.

The Premier Pool Fence pole was engineered specifically to make sure it was the strongest pole on the market. The materials that are used to make this pole enable us to provide you the customer with not only the safest and strongest pole on the market but also with a pole that does not require a large hole to be drilled in your deck. The premier pole uses a marine grade 6063 T6 Aluminum pole that is reinforced with PVC that is secured to a ½” diameter chamfered stainless steel rod. This allows us to drill a hole that is less than half the size compared most of our competitors.