Removable pool fence



About Guardian Pool Fence

We are committed to the safety of children

Guardian Pool Fence EU are the sole distributors of Guardian Pool fence for the Iberian Peninsula and Western Europe.

We also supply Swimming Pool surrounds manufactured in Glass and Stainless Steel.

We listened to our clients and realised that not everybody wanted a fixed installation pool surround and that there was a demand for a cost effective fencing system that could be removed as and when required.

Consequently we researched the market world wide including France (the only EU Country to have universal legislation for pool surrounds), Australia, USA and South Africa - all countries where it is compulsory to have a surround for all swimming pools.

After extensive enquiries, we came to the conclusion that the safest mesh pool system available is from Guardian Pool Fence in the USA and we are pleased to have been appointed as official distributor and dealer for for Spain, Portugal and the rest of Western Europe.